General Information Page

WALLY started Wally Machinery and Tool Supply in 1973 here in Orange, now in Fullerton California, with tools bought at auction, and with a few OEM lines.  In business, now for over 35 years, we have grown to house 5,000 square-feet tooling, striving to have the items YOU need in-stock or quickly attainable. Additionally, we have knowledgeable sales associates to assist you with those problem jobs.

Because many rigorous demands of the business left Wally with little time to pursue personal interests, he decided to retire in 1992.  His retirement enabled him to spend time gardening and, more importantly, visit his Grandchildren! Though no longer at the helm, Wally's spirit & goals are alive & well at "Wally Tool" still operated by his family.

• • • • •

Sadly, we must report that
Wally passed-away December 29, 2009.
He will be sorely missed.